UMS IT Roadmap

umsit-roadmapOver the past 12 months UMS reviewed its IT capability and application to our fleet of mobile staff, internal operations and customers. UMS recognised the need to establish a core Works Management System, customer and operation interfaces and business intelligence, enabling a more flexible, responsive mobile work force.

As Safe Trusted Experts within our field UMS understands that real time data collected from the  field is equally important to our customers as is the work performed. UMS has invested heavily in its IT Roadmap and over the next six months we will discuss and analyse the benefits to our customers.

What will you see?

Customer Self Service WEB Portal (customised to the customer’s needs):

  • – Job Creation
  • – Job Status

 Enhanced and adaptable customer reporting:

  • – Productivity on existing or historical work
  • – Flexible reporting options

 Business Intelligence:

  • – Analyse trends

UMS is excited to adopt its new technology platform and looks forward to sharing it with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Fleet Management Market worth $35.35 Billion by 2019

carThe fleet management market is expected to grow from $12.06 billion in 2014 to $35.35 billion by 2019*.

With the rapid increase in transportation of man and materials, the competition among the fleet owners is becoming tougher. The hike in fuel price, in addition, is making the fleet owners ponder over increasing efficiencies in their business operations. Specific norms have been introduced to reduce the CO2 emission from transportation and logistics activities and this in turn is making fleet performance monitoring and fuel consumption management extremely important for the fleet owners.

Fleet management is about smartening the fleet vehicles operations. Intelligent fleet management solutions based on technologies such as Global Positioning system (GPS)-based telematics are helping fleet operators to enhance operational efficiencies in terms of improving vehicle performance and mileage, enhancing operational reliability and safety, maintenance planning, driver control, and optimizing navigation and routes.

The number of vehicles is increasing globally with a major boom in the emerging economies; this has a positive impact on the fleet management industry.

Organisations from public transport, service sectors, logistics, and retail industries are expected to bring huge business opportunities for the fleet management vendors. The key strategies followed by many of the leading companies in the fleet management market are new technology, customized solution, and acquiring relatively small domain expert players.

*“Fleet Management Market by Components, Technologies and Services (Fleet Analytics, Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Monitoring, Telemetric, Vendor Services), by Fleet Vehicle Types (Trucks, Light Goods, Buses, Corporate Fleets, Container Ships, Aircrafts) – Global Forecast to 2019”

“Customer Service” vs “Customer Experience”

At UMS we explore the differences between “Customer Service” and “Customer Experience”. We believe that frank, constructive dialogue with our customers is critical to delivering a positive customer experience and building strong working relationships. It is the reason why each year we conduct an independent customer experience survey.

Understanding Customer Experience:

  • – Engaging with our customers at all levels when developing performance measures.
  • – Meeting regularly with our customers.
  • – Be clear what we can and can’t deliver and why.
  • – Build a joint strategy as partners for change and success.
  • – Apply change manage management principles and engage our teams.
  • – Listen hard and act fast!

So what do we do?

  • – We employ people with strong technical capability and values alignment.
  • – We apply a “Safe Trusted Experts philosophy to our teams and customers.
  • – Our Values strive to keep us safe, inspire each other and enable us to deliver outstanding value to our customers.
  • – We understand our value proposition and can articulate it clearly.
  • – We are flexible and responsive in our approach to building a service model.

Navigating the sea of FM acronyms !

q-300x231The facility management sector is awash with acronyms, especially in the technology sphere with CAFM, CMMS, EAMS, FMIS, IWMS and MMS bandied around with increasing ease, if not understanding. These acronyms stand respectively for computer-aided facilities management, computerised maintenance management system, enterprise asset management software, facilities management information system, integrated workplace management system, and maintenance management software.

UK based FM software provider Service Works Global has launched an industry poll to discover which is the most popular term used to describe facility management software.

The three question poll will demonstrate which is the most popular term in different countries, and whether facilities professionals believe the acronyms describe broadly similar, or different, functionality. The results will be released shortly.

The DOXA Cadetship program


Urban Maintenance Systems is very proud of its involvement in The DOXA Cadetship program and acknowledge the benefits that our company obtains from the partnership, culminating in our cadets developing into outstanding professionals. Catherine Nguyen commenced the DOXA Cadetship Program with Urban Maintenance Systems in May 2012. Catherine is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Management at the University of Melbourne.

UMS exposes cadets to all areas of the business from Finance and Human Resources to Marketing, and assigns mentors to guide cadets throughout their Cadetship journey.

The ability to revolve around the business and be provided with opportunities and to participate in projects within the different areas of the company, ultimately contributed to Catherine’s realisation of her passion for Marketing and Human Resources Management. Her Cadetship at UMS continuously assists in her professional development and puts theoretical studies at University into real work practice. Catherine explains that: ‘’Coming from a disadvantaged background, the opportunity to gain real work experience has provided me opportunities which I would not have had!’’.

The DOXA Cadetship program has provided an opportunity for UMS to partner with a community organisation that is enriching the lives of young people.

Since 1992 The DOXA Cadetship Program has offered talented young people from disadvantaged families the opportunity of a tertiary education. DOXA also provides a camping experience where training activities are undertaken.

The DOXA Youth Foundation (DOXA) is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 1972.

  • Vision is to improve the life outcomes of disadvantaged children and young people.
  • Mission is to create opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people by providing education related programs that help them achieve their potential and meaningfully participate in the community.

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ISO 37120:2014 Sustainable development of communities is a new landmark standard outlining key measurements for evaluating a city’s service delivery and quality of life. Its use will help Local Government managers, politicians, researchers, business leaders, planners, designers and other professionals
to focus on key issues, and put in place policies for more liveable, tolerant, sustainable, resilient, economically attractive and prosperous Local Governments.

ISO 37120:2014 Sustainable development of communities – Indicators for city services and quality of life was launched on 15 May 2014 during a global Local Governments summit, in order to help cities to assess their performance and measure progress overtime, improving quality of life and sustainability. Currently, 53 % of the world’s population resides in Local Governments, a figure that is expected to rise to 70 % by 2050.

Is it for me?

ISO 37120:2014 can be used by any Local Government wishing to measure its performance in a comparable and verifiable manner, irrespective of size and location or level of development.

Urban Maintenance Systems can help Local Governments to improve their quality of life through different services, such as:

  • – Building Maintenance Services
  • – Graffiti Management
  • – Roadside Infrastructure Maintenance Services
  • – Grounds and Open Spaces Maintenance Services
  • – Landscape Design and Construction
  • – Building Compliance and Condition Auditing

Facility Managers Play Critical Role in Fire Safety and Evacuation

fireFire safety is perhaps the most important area in which a facility manager is involved, and it requires the individual to have some knowledge about a wide range of topics, including operational considerations, testing and inspection requirements and policies and procedures. Specifically, experts note that a facility manager needs to know at least a little bit about the sprinkler system and the fire alarm system and have some knowledge about fire drills, emergency planning, housekeeping and storage practices, as well as a building’s fire egress features.

It is also important that any fire protection equipment on site is routinely serviced so that it is kept in proper working order and ready when needed.

Urban Maintenance Systems is committed to protecting the health and safety of all workers, the environment we operate in and to the delivery of quality service to our customers.

FM’s Fire Safety Checklist

  1. Fire protection equipment and systems are regularly inspected to ensure they will function effectively if and when they are needed, and also to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and applicable Australian Standards.
  2. Fire sprinklers, water spray, mist or deluge solutions are be tailored to suit the requirements of the building.
  3. The team is confident and trained to respond appropriately in the event of a fire.
  4. Occupants are made aware of the important of keeping fire doors closed at all times to stop flames spreading throughout a building.
  5. Evacuation plans and routes must be shared with occupants and exit signage should be clearly marked.

Free road conditions app

road-app-152x300MyRoadInfo initiative is a free app providing access to all local road event information from its member councils as well as all NSW and QLD state road information. It is a single source of road knowledge for the travelling Public in those areas covered.

The MyRoadInfo website was developed in 2010 as an online information hub listing road closures and delays due to accidents, storms or rising floodwaters.

The app’s most exciting feature, which is not available on the website, is an automatic notification system.

MyRoadInfo provides updates from councils across northern NSW, and the State Government’s Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), to give people localised knowledge at their fingertips to help them make sensible decisions on the road.

Using the ‘favourites’ function, people can nominate up to ten favourite roads and receive automatic notifications should accidents, storms or flooding occur.

“The website has been very successful, but we realised the next logical step was to create a simple, free app that people could download and have with them at all times.

“It only takes a few minutes to download, but it could save you much more than that down the track.”

The MyRoadInfo app can be downloaded via the App Store for iPhones or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

If people or property are at risk, phone the SES immediately on 132 500. If you are in an emergency situation, always call 000.

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UMS Advantage Video

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At UMS Advantage, we provide focused attention on delivering Commercial Property Maintenance nationwide to the Child Care, Retail and Aged Care sectors. Anyone managing Commercial Property can rely on a  ‘one stop shop’ for all their maintenance requirements due to the range of services provided including, but not limited to: Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Handyman, Painting, Test & Tag, Graffiti Removal, Gutter Cleaning and Landscaping.

Ums Advantage operates throughout Australia and our employees are relationship focused and experienced in the retail, child & aged care sectors. We deliver on promises and ensure our services are value for money!

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