Environmental Management


Urban Maintenance Systems is committed to ensuring that the work we perform causes no harm to the environment. Our commitment is further outlined in our Environmental Policy and Fully Integrated Management System.

In 2007 Urban Maintenance Systems was accredited to IS0 14001 to formalise this commitment and demonstrate this to stakeholders including employees, customers and the community.

Urban Maintenance Systems directly applies the principles of ecologically sustainable practise by assessing potential environmental impact in all Job Start procedures, preventing pollution, adopting more environmentally friendly options such as low VOC materials where practicable. Urban Maintenance Systems continues to implement, continual improvement in our maintenance business activities by at all times reviewing:

  • Strategic Objectives and Targets
  • Operational Impacts and Aspects
  • Mitigation Strategies
  • Energy and Waste Reduction
  • Environmental Management System
  • Internal Company Environmental Audits

Urban Maintenance Systems subsequently stands well equipped to deliver a range of direct benefits to the asset owner and user through the design and implementation of a strategic facilities maintenance program with a sustainability focus. These benefits include operational cost reduction – particularly in energy consumption, optimised asset life cycle cost, minimised downtime, increased asset utility, greater customer satisfaction and a reduced total carbon footprint.