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A message from the CEO of Urban Maintenance Systems Pty Ltd – COVID-19

For more than 25 years, Urban Maintenance Systems Pty Ltd (UMS) has been a cornerstone of business, providing Facilities and Infrastructure Maintenance and Management Services for Government, Private and Not-for-Profit Sectors.

Our whole community faces the unprecedented challenge of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the situation changes daily.

We care deeply about the wellbeing of our customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, their families and the wider community.

As COVID-19 continues to escalate nationwide and every day presents a new landscape to navigate, UMS are here to provide you with ongoing services to ensure you and our communities continue safely until the spread of this virus is contained.

Our dedicated response team continue to monitor every update and will work with you and keep you informed at every opportunity.

To ensure our teams are safe and well, we do this through the following preventative measures:
• Observing the guidelines of contact with the community including remote working and separation of field work
• Robust hygiene practices and daily monitoring of individual health
• Business continuity plans – ensuring all business-critical systems and operations run on a day-to-day basis
• Limited travel

How can UMS support you?
In addition to maintaining our current services we are willing and able to support you with additional resources, be it people, vehicles or equipment in areas such as:
• Supplementing your current workforce
• General cleaning services, high-pressure cleaning and sanitising and playground sanitising
• Deliveries and local logistics

UMS are here to support you in this challenging time. We will continue to take safe measures to deliver services consistent with the Australian Government advice, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To discuss any immediate concerns or additional service you may require, please contact UMS on:
Phone: 03 9265 5811
Email: mail@ums.com.au

Yours sincerely,

Demara Jackson
Chief Executive Officer

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