UMS commenced operations in 1995 with the aim of providing quality, competitive trade services

In 1995 UMS was created to provide quality maintenance services to public assets at a competitive rate. Our first two contracts were awarded on the same day - City of Greater Bendigo (signage and furniture maintenance) and City of Greater Dandenong (graffiti management).


Our Brands

In 2010, Ultum was formed to fill a critical gap in the market place relating to compliance and asset management. A few years later UMS Advantage was born to provide focused attention on Commercial Property Maintenance specifically sectors with a need for robust contractor compliance, such as Child Care, Retail and Aged Care sectors.



UMS welcomes their newest members of the Board, Patrick J. Flannigan as Managing Director & Cheif Executive Officer, and Ross Mackiggan as Chief Financial Officer in 2016. Patrick has more than 30 years' experience in the Ingrastructure and Industrial Services sectors. Ross is a driven and results focused CFO with an effective blend of operational and financial experience.



UMS establishes it's first international operation in Auckland, in 2017, and becomes an international company. Entering the New Zealand market was a core focus in UMS' growth strategy; by extending out services into a region that closely reflects out base in eastern Australia.


Industry Leader

UMS brings over 20 years' experience in managing and maintaining full facilities with a specific focus on partnering with private and local government clients. UMS is proud to be a leader in our field and strives to continue to provide new and existing clients with higher levels of satisfaction around the world.


We live by eight guiding values at UMS, which are the very heart of the UMS culture. They shape the way we do business, inspire us to draw strength from each other and enable us to deliver outstanding value to our customers.

Reliable: Ensuring we always deliver high quality and proactive services. If something goes wrong, we move with speed and professionalism.

Integrity: Highly trusted in all aspects of our work. We can be trusted at all times to act in the best interests of our team, company and customers.

Safety: Being safe at work is part of our mindset (it is not optional). We think and act safely all day and all staff goes home safely each night.

Knowledge: Continually building, sharing and applying our knowledge in our jobs.

Focused: Concentrate always on the job at hand. Ensure our actions are aligned with our vision.

Relationships: Establishing and maintaining enduring and professional relationships with our customers.

Excellence: We look, act and behave like true professionals, maintaining high personal standards, and take pride in our work.

Expert: We walk, talk and work as the experts in our respective fields.


To be the “Safe Trusted Experts”

Great companies are built on people and culture. At Urban Maintenance Systems, this is the foundation of the company, and what makes us unique and successful. Our values shape our culture and we believe in creating an environment where diversity is valued, and our people have the opportunity to realise their full potential. Our values strive to keep us safe, inspire each other and enable us to deliver outstanding value to our customers.

Our drivers are:

  • Delivering on promises
  • Developing enduring, value-adding relationships at all levels
  • Employing and developing subject matter experts in each of our service disciplines

As the “Safe Trusted Experts”, UMS recognise the impact we have in our operations. We work collaboratively with our clients to identifying opportunities to delivering sustainable environmentally efficient outcomes. Our Environment and Sustainability Policy can be downloaded here.

FY 17-18 Sustainability Cut 5 Chart can be downloaded here.