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Case Study: Huntley St, Alexandria – Stormwater Canal Upgrade

Remove Graffiti

In September 2018, UMS Chippendale was approached by DG Alliance to remove graffiti in the Shea’s Creek Stormwater Channel. The upgrade to the stormwater channel is a multimillion-dollar joint venture project involving Sydney Water and City of Sydney Council with a construction period of over 2 years.

UMS successfully removed the graffiti and had subsequently been called back to the site to remove additional graffiti incidents. Based on the quality of work we provided and the relationship have built over the past year, the Chippendale Depot were also asked to provide a quotation to apply an anti-graffiti coating to approximately 1700 sqm of newly installed sandstone.

The work requested is the largest project to be undertaken by the Chippendale team since the start of the City of Sydney contract. So began months of product research, testing both on and off-site to determine the most suitable and cost-effective outcome for the customer.

The quoting process was undertaken with our supplier, Dulux (Protective Coatings team) and UMS staff, Tim Killworth (Executive Manager of Graffiti Management), Rob Brown (Contract Manager) and Donna Craig (Contract Coordinator). DG Alliance accepted our submission in July 2019.

Remove Graffiti

The job comprised of three components. Firstly, the removal of the graffiti in the stormwater channel, secondly the washing down and preparation of the surface, and thirdly application of the coating. The removal works commenced in September, but unfortunately, each time we had the site cleaned, it would soon be tagged again. This occurred on three occasions which made planning parts two and three difficult as various stakeholders were involved.

Due to the large-scale nature of the work, Dulux Protective Coatings were engaged to be on-site to oversee the product’s application and thereby ensuring it was being used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The collaboration between Dulux and UMS was of great benefit as we could troubleshoot in real-time, reassuring the customer in the process.

A big thanks to all involved, particularly Donna Craig, Andrew Everett (Works Supervisor), Greg Davis (Senior Field worker) for their hard work, commitment and patience to successfully deliver a project of this scale.