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UMS Wins Western Sydney and Parramatta Park Trust Contracts

Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS) announces our recent successful contract renewals with Western Sydney Parklands Trust and Parramatta Park Trust. This will be UMS’ second consecutive term and third consecutive term at both Trusts, respectively.

Western Sydney Parklands Trust is Australia’s largest urban park. For the last 50 years, it has provided well-maintained facilities and open spaces to its people. Likewise, Parramatta Park Trust, one of the oldest public parks in the world, holds cultural importance in Australia’s history.

Shane Burrows, Contract Manager at our Grounds and Open Space unit said, “We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with both Trusts and are excited for the years ahead. UMS is grateful for the opportunities and is keen to assist both Trusts to meet their compliance requirements”.

Western Sydney Parklands Trust and Parramatta Park Trust

UMS Supports Local Outdoor Events

As part of UMS’ longstanding relationship with both Trusts, we have had the pleasure of supporting several events over the years. These events include Zombie Run, Food Fest and famous music concert Symphony Under the Stars (which UMS sponsored earlier this year).

The maintenance services UMS provides to the parks include grounds maintenance, waste management, technical horticulture maintenance (including world heritage listed Rumsey Rose Garden), facilities maintenance, sports turf maintenance, playgrounds maintenance and arboriculture services.

These contract renewals have enabled UMS to create new jobs in Western Sydney. As a result, we have employed 3 full-time apprentices and further expanded our management team to ensure expectations are met. UMS is excited to be a part of this contract as many of our Sydney team members, as they were growing up, called these parklands their backyards.